Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • Games 7 minutes per half, running clock, stops for last minute of game only. (In all Finals there is no running clock)

  • One time out in each of half of game,time outs may not be carried forward.

  • Teams must have a minimum of 7 players or they will be deducted one point and will forfeit games in Phase II & knockout stages.

  • Teams not on court at the appointed time will forfeit the game.

  • No full court press until the last minute of the game.

  • No Zone defence is allowed teams must play man to man defence.

  • 3 second, 5 second and 24 second rules apply.

  • Three pointers will be recorded.

  • All players MUST play.

  • Ball size 5 Girls / 6 Boys .

  • All games(except Finals & Semifinals) ending in tie to be decided by THREE FREE SHOTS. One Shot per player. Free shots continue until there is a winner.

  • Finals & Semi Finals ending in a tie will be decided by 3 minutes of overtime. If game is still tied Seven Free Shots to decide winner.

  • Any protests must be submitted in writing by the school Principal within 24 hours.

Updated January 2020